Parts list

Simple parts list including my costs.  No tax shown.  May or may not list consumables.

This is a list for the entire project, not just the engine swap.

cost no tax or shpg
Model No.
heat shrink4.3ebay
16ga ltgrn wire8.99ebay
1156 lamp holder4.99ebay
16 ga wire37.95Amazon
fuse block31.6ebay
bed bolts6Lowes
bed bolts2.1Lowes
steering wheel59.68Grant GT 415ebay
Steering wheel install kit25.77Grant 3162ebay
bushing and cap4.98Oreilly
Heater parts74.7Advance Auto
blower resistor8.77ebay
white led1.99ebay
washer/cowl seal34.7LMC
Washer tank/rubber/plate bracket57.48Brothers
Dimmer switch connector3.74Advance Auto
Dimmer switch14.99ACDelco D808Amazon
Door lock32Ebay
ignition switch30.8Cole-Hersee M-712-BPAmazon
vent window lock8.54Dorman 76994Ebay
Brake booster/master cyl19960668PVAuto City Classic
Brake master cylinder replacement 8/2138Dorman M39052 1978 CorvetteAmazon
Brake booster replacement 1/24608" universalAmazon
OEM replacement wiper blades5.88N-13REbay
fuse block 10-pin connector8.2Ebay
2-pin connectors6.99Ebay
brake line kit18.99Ebay
brake line kit25.64Ebay
fuse blocks accessories20.16Ebay
jump seat20local
Rear brake hose21.74BHA36502Advance Auto
headlight knob5.99Dorman 76897Advance Auto
rear brake shoes22.49S449Advance Auto
brake adjusters6.731530 & 1531Advance Auto
rear wheel cylinders17.23WCA13387 & WCA13388Advance Auto
drum brake hardware8.247018Advance Auto
hose clips1.571457-2Advance Auto
master cylinder bleeder5.99Advance Auto
brake fluid DOT34.86W20014Advance Auto
front brake hose x234.49BHA66856Advance Auto
brake line unions x25.24Advance Auto
battery cables x217.99Advance Auto
plugs x815.54Advance Auto
turn signal springs2.24Advance Auto
jump seat SOLD-80local
brake fluid x29.7432598Advance Auto
usb outlet8.77Ebay
12awg Wire for seat power10.95Ebay
bleeder tool8.5Ebay
Aluminum angle - bed7.99Lowes
bed hardware - 5/1623.5Lowes
Fuel tank149.9532-5981LMC
Fuel sender49.95LMC
hood isolation11.9538-7514LMC
door handle gaskets3.9530-2305LMC
fuel cap28.93Universal Billet Aircraft Style Fuel Cell Gas Cap Flush Mount w/ 6 Hole AnodizedEbay
wheel spacers40Ebay
Misc. grommets/ plugs4Lowes
Misc. hardware7.78Lowes
Bed hardware21.4Lowes
Bed hardware32.61Lowes
Bed hardware33.38Lowes
Misc hardware3.31Lowes
misc hardware4.66Lowes
electric fan20yard
carpet - Floor231.58ACC 1248232 & ACC 1710230Rockauto
Pittman and Idler arm35.75K6096T & DW-K6143Advance
lug nut covers5.5Ebay
tailgate letters8.5Ebay
donor truck1000local
parts sold-100local
Donor truck sold-350local
fuse block20Amazon
fuesable link5Amazon
TCC Brake Switch8.43AIRTEX/WELLS 1S5239Ebay
motor mount for Tinworks x26.99ANCHOR 2142Amazon
transmission mount 7.49ANCHOR 2378Advance
exhaust manifolds224Summitt G9080Summitt
engine mounts includes plates119.75Tinworks FabricationTinworks
1/8 npt x 1/4" barb5
MLS head gaskets 45.12GM 12498544Ebay
intake gaskets10.99Ebay
head bolts x216.22MAHLE GS33380
valve cover gasket 9.37Fel Pro VS50504R1Ebay
valley cover gasket13.59Fel Pro MS92465Ebay
steam vent gasket 8Dorman 56390Advance
fuel injector o-rings 19.99FEL-PRO ES73217Ebay
exhaust manifold gaskets 18.79MAHLE MS16124Ebay
oil filler neck9Dorman 917-413Ebay
water pump gaskets pair 7.99FEL PRO ES73010 x1Ebay
swivel water neck 19.99Spectre 4939Amazon
knock sensors pair 18Herko KS5013Ebay
knock sensor connector20.55Dorman 917-033Amazon
oil pan TSP 81073244.8TSP 81073poormansautosports
Oil dipstick for TSP 17.08GM 12669528 Ebay
Dipstick tube for TSP 18.88GM 12625031Ebay
thermostat 14.9914948Advance
trans filter 25.9996080Advance
trans seal 7.994583Advance
trans seal rear 5.99S-4950Advance
Fuse Block19.95Amazon
U-joint rear 12.99369Advance
Shift linkage 49.82CPPEbay
EFI fuel pump assy.224Tanks Inc.Summit
regulator/filter47.19WIX 33737Amazon
fuel injection hose clamp - 20 pcs7.49Ebay
Fuel system kit82Ebay
Cast Iron Paint9.89VHT SP998Amazon
Primer9.86VHT ESP100000Amazon
1 3/4" to 1 1/2" Hose Reducer9.76Gates 26391Amazon
2-Bolt 2.5'' Exhaust Gasket6.99HYCCAmazon
ICT Billet 1-3/4" to 1-3/4" Inch Coupler9.99ICT BilletAmazon
1 3/4" to 1 1/2" Hose Reducer9.76Gates 26391Amazon
1 1/2" to 1 1/4" Hose Reducer7.5Gates 26390Amazon
power steering Hose12.33Gates 354860Amazon
Dipstick Tube Grommet2.63Dorman 65113Amazon
Transmission Drain Plug6.07ACDelco 24233099Amazon
Valve Stem Seal21.43Fel-Pro SS71039Amazon
Oil Filter3.97ACDelco PF48E. Wix 57060Amazon
Swivel Water Neck19.99Spectre 4939Amazon
Rain Guard Water Sealers Wood Sealer21.05SP-8002Amazon
another engine...5005.3L DBWmarketplace
Lowering springs 3-5112SAE SpeedEbay
Front Shocks44.99Monroe Gas-Matic 59041Advance Auto
Rear Shocks44.99Monroe Gas-Matic 59001Advance Auto
front bump stops12.44Moog K6598Advance Auto
Serpentine belt31.46Continental Elite 4060922Ebay
Headlight adjusters 4 pc7.42Ebay
SS adapter M12x1.5MM to 1/8 NPT 7.93Ebay
Rear coil spring retainers18.05RCR-KCPP-Ebay
rear axle kit280.25Yukon G6569RACKEbay
Sway bar - front181979 C10yard
Sway bar - front bracket hardware30.29Lowes
Front Rotors75.98Brakebest 5006RGSOReilly
Front bearings outer x210.49S-A-3Advance
Front bearings inner x2 1.375 inner dia11.99S-A-5Advance
Front bearing seal1.998871Advance
Upper radiatior hose15.25Dayco 71989Advance
Upper radiatior hose10Dayco 70155
Headlight Switch9.86Standard Motor Products DS-155TAmazon
Leather wheel cover15.99Belinous XS2Amazon
Lower radiator hose - 10" Flex Hose17.47Dayco 81301Ebay
Fan Switch on-off-on 12v pkg of 39.9912v DC 30 AmpAmazon
Rear sway bar kit113.05CPP7401CPP-Ebay
Cab Weatherstrip push-on49.9538-6194LMC
Lower steering shaft bearing.29.9534-0750LMC
Backup light gasket1.9536-4268LMC
Tail light bezel8.9536-4198LMC
Glove Box12.9538-5205LMC
Glove box light14.9536-4500LMC
Air vent seals4.9538-7413LMC
Defrost Hose Kit19.9532-1980LMC