Electric Cooling Fan

From the beginning of the swap, I knew I was going to install an electric fan.  Electric fan ability is built-in to the factory  ECU and are debatably more efficient,  so why not?

While there are MANY after market electric fans available, I knew from a previous LS build that I could find what I needed in the local scrapyard.  I just needed to do some “research”.  Meaning, I took the necessary dimensions of the factory radiator, which I intended to continue to use.  I then took those gathered dimensions with me to the local yard and started measuring OEM electric fans.  I was not terribly concerned with what model vehicle I got it from as the majority of newer vehicles now days will have a high enough cfm fan to be adequate for a stock small block engine.

After only a little while, I found that a mid 2000s Chevy HHR had the fan I needed.  I also got the electrical plug and as much of the factory wiring as I could possibly get for my new install.

HHR fan salvage yard find.

The fan shroud on the HHR fan was an excellent fit on the radiator.  I rotated the fan upside-down for a better fit for my purpose.   This put the power connector at the top so that also made a good location for it.

Test fit of HHR fan and mockup of brackets

The factory fan mounting tabs had no where to fasten, so a simple  90° 26 Gauge sheet metal angle was used.  The factory truck shroud was attached to sheet metal which I used to attach the new angle to.  Then the new electric fan mounting tabs were connected to the angle.  I used 1/4×20  flanged bolts for this attachment with the receiving nuts welded to the back of the angle.  This made mounting in the truck easier without having to deal with loose backing nuts.

90° 26 Gauge sheet metal angle

When all bolted together, the fit was secure and tight as it should be.  The wiring came from a relay in the new under hood fuse block.  I routed it in front of the radiator within the radiator support and terminated it with the HHR factory plug.

This setup allows for removal/reinstallation of the fan easily to access the radiator if need be.

HHR e-fan mounting
HHR e-fan mounting
HHR e-fan mounting
HHR e-fan mounting
HHR e-fan mounting
Radiator overflow installed