I Can See Clearly Now…

Actually, I could see fine before, but the original wiper arms were slightly worn keeping them from having enough tension to keep the blade tight against the windshield.

I had installed new blade refills from Anco.  N-13R.  They fit and worked wonderfully with the original narrow wiper blades.

This wiper arm upgrade has been done many times by others and is rather well known about by ’60-’66 C10 owners.  There is some work that has to be done to the driver side replacement arm to get it to fit nicely.  That process has been covered several times online so I will not go into depth on the process.

I obtained two REAR wiper arms at the yard from an ’84 – ’95 Jeep Cherokee.  Not a Grand Cherokee.  They are a near perfect replacement, except for the driver side which I mentioned previously.  These can also be purchased new.  DORMAN 42873.

Newly installed wiper arm.
Dorman 42873 replacement wiper arm.


Since the two Jeep arms are identical, and the C10 arms are mirrored pieces,  one must be modified for the driver side.

Disassemble one arm by first carefully removing the tension spring.  It’s not an  easy task, but can be done with some perseverance.


Remove the rivet holding the arm extension to the base.  I drilled it from behind with the appropriate size drill bit, then carefully “punched” it thru to the front side.  It’s tight, so be careful not to damage the base.  Slightly widen the pinched end of the base and pull the arm out.

Wiper arm and disassembled wiper arm.

Now is a good time to clean any rust and damaged paint.  Since these arms are several years old (unless your bought new ones)  they will possible have some slight rust.  I had one arm that was in very good condition and one with very little rust.  I chose the arm with slight rust to disassemble so I could clean it well while apart. I removed the rust with a simple vinegar soak.

Now the arm extension that was removed will be turned over so as to mirror the other arm.  Since the arm extension has a slight bend, about 45° on one end where the spring attached, it will need to be bent the opposite direction so the arm extension will go back into it’s correct place and the spring can be reattached.  Do this carefully so as to not break the metal as it will be weakest at the two holes in the end of the arm.

Replace the arm extension back in it’s place and fasten it with a new rivet or small nut/bolt.  I chose to use a rivet.  Pinch the base end back together.

I repainted with satin black using a simple rattle can paint.

Comparing the completed wiper arm with the original.

Wiper blade is a 13″ Trico Vision-All replacement blade.  Local parts stores or even Walmart didn’t have 13″ blades of any brand in stock.  I got these from Amazon.  Amazon was much cheaper anyway.

Comparing the completed wiper arm with the original.

When I get the correct replacement hose, I am going to snap the washer nozzle back on and get it connected for use.

Here’s one decent older writeup by someone else that has pretty good annotated photos that may help. http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?t=736564

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Newly installed wiper arms
Newly installed wiper arm.

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