Then there was… Then there wasn’t…

Intermittent wipers install easily  and work as described! Off, 8 sec delay, 5 sec delay, 3 sec delay, low, high. Washer works as normal.

I took very few pics because there was not much to the install.  I did fabricate a bracket to mount the unit on near my switch as the pre-terminated wires are only about 3″ long because it is designed to wire in between the OEM switch and harness.

Intermittent wiper interface by Revolution Electronics
Unit mounted to fabricated bracket mounted under dash next to OEM switch
Typical GM 2 speed wiper/washer switch diagram.
Installation instructions. Click to enlarge.
Operation instructions. Click to enlarge.


I made a video the operation of it after install, but the video included on their website shows and explains the operation much better.

On their website you can also view the complete installation instructions in PDF format.  You can purchase directly from them through their provided Amazon and Ebay links.

They do sell through several well established online vendors as well and they have included a list there also.

Note that there are several other interesting products they make and have others in development. Including an intermittent wiper module for vehicles with hiding wipers.

Revolution Electronics Part No. 13009

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There wasn’t a dry eye during the funeral of Robert William Kearns, the inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper…

Then there was… Then there wasn’t…