Soon to come

Under “Features” on the main menu, I am breaking down some parts of the C10 build that have been more challenging or interesting.  I will attempt explain more about how or why I did some things the way I did.

For my ’79 Malibu wagon build, this seemed to be helpful for others and was an easy way for me to share when certain questions were asked.

For information other than in the ” features”, please visit my blog posts over the several months to give you an idea of some things that were accomplished.

Also, the Complete Project photo album is available with up-to-date photos and short descriptions of each.  Many of these photos were taken for my reference so they may not be “composed” very well, but informational none-the-less.

1966 C10 and 1979 Malibu wagon. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.