Simple tunes install

Kenwood head unit installed into existing dash opening. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.

I chose a Kenwood KMM-BT328U for the head unit. I chose this model because I have the similar BT322U in my Malibu and therefore less/no learning curve.  I hate trying to figure out a new stereo and remembering how it works as I’m driving.  Since the dash was already cut for a single DIN unit, I didn’t have to concern myself with the decision to chop it up or not.

This Kenwood is a digital media receiver.  No CDs.  What’s a CD?  Bluetooth connection to phone allows easy listening to your favorite Spotify, Pandora or in my case, iHeart Radio station.  You can even take/make calls thru the system with the included external microphone.

Boss NX694 speakers in enclosures. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.

For the speakers I went with Boss NX694.  Another item I am familiar with as I have the same speakers also mounted in my wagon.  These are great sounding powerful 6″x9″ speakers with a nice wide response.  I did degrade the sound a bit by my mounting choice of speaker boxes behind the seats.    There were other, better mounting choices, but this was the quickest and easiest install option.  Even so, the system sounds pretty good as is.

Boss NX694 speakers in enclosures. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.

Installation was easy from inserting unit into the dash sleeve to the electrical and speaker wiring.  The auxiliary fuse blocks (Battery and Ignition/Accessory blocks) are mounted under the dash only a few inches from the stereo so it was a simple wiring connection.  I added a plug for the speakers so the connection would be easier to work with in the future.

I ran all wires with the existing under dash harness neatly, and down along the door jamb under the carpet to the rear of cab.

USB charger in console. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.

While running the speaker wires, I included a power wire to my 4.2 amp lighted USB charging outlet inside the console.  A ground wire from the charger was short to an existing bolt in the floor pan.  I get these from Ebay.  I have used several and find that the 4.2 amp (dual 2.1 amp) are the best choice.  I have one in each vehicle including my motorcycle.  They are available in a variety of LED colors.

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